I was sitting down with a nice cup of coffee, just getting started on my weekly poem (a bit later than usual, but plenty of time before my deadline), when I receive a letter addressed to me and my roommates from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Apparently we are being evicted for non-payment of September rent. I’ve only lived in the place for two weeks, so this came as something of a shock. I was under the impression that when I paid first month’s rent in my deposit that would, you know, take care of that first month. Not so! Apparently the deposit only included last month, though our agent said otherwise a month ago. The devil is in the details, as they say. Our paperwork said last month’s rent as a deposit, the agent said first month’s.

Looking around the web I found that I may have the single worst landlord in Boston. Lucky me. They are notorious scammers, dishonest to the core, and are known for no-fault evictions. Since we actually (arguably) made a mistake and owe them rent, I’m even more worried. If these are the kind of people who are happy to throw people out for little to no reason, giving them an inch is terrifying.

Rather than continuing my rant at this time, I’m going to try and hunt down their office and get this sorted out before I’m on the streets come October. If you would like to learn more about CRM Property Management, please read this delightful gem about one of their agents flipping off protesters speaking out against their unprofessional and generally shitty behavior:

For more information read their glowing reviews on Yelp: Gregory M’s is my personal favorite: “I sincerely hope you own a trident or a hand grenade because you’re going to have to fight through a horde of obnoxious, arrogant and rude realtors.” Classic.