I love writing. Always have. Problem is I’ve managed to go for long droughts with nary a creative word written. Because of this there are a disturbing number of things I’ve written about how terrible I am at building a writing habit. When I don’t write I get this uncomfortable feeling like I haven’t been breathing lately and it’s starting to catch up to me. When I am writing I feel like I am being myself, the world is painted in sharper detail, experiences are more alive, and I realize there is never a shortage of material even when life seems drab. Yet somehow writing has often come in fits and spurts.

This blog was made to change that. I have signed into a pact with some of my brilliant and more diligent writing friends. I will have a new post for you every Monday by 9 am. If I fail, I fail my friends as much as myself, so I will not fail. Most of what I write will be poetry, but there are no boundaries to my material. The only boundary is the deadline. Love and fear the deadline. The deadline knows when you procrastinate. The deadline is always waiting.

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