Monthly Archives: November 2014

Is for ants, but we still make
Everyone do it.

I would write about
Specialization, but I
Only know one thing.

Leaves change, I admire,
Biologists understand
What I call beauty.


Play this card
to reap a harvest of wheat.
Next Turn build roads to bring bushels to market.
Who knew a planned economy
could be so easy!
Be sure to build a barracks by Turn’s end.
The enemy is amassing at our eastern border,
and armies must be trained.

Roll three dice
to determine the fate of our soldiers.
They were brave men, but faceless,
and their sacrifice secures a new region for the empire.
Next Turn we gain a bonus battalion,
growing our legions and forgetting those lost.
There are unlimited fighting men available
as long as we can pay the cost.

Send forth an enforcer
to quell the peasants in Sector 12.
They are rioting from lack of food,
and we cannot survive
a drop in productivity.
Improving our defenses is essential,
so we cannot build new farms this Turn.
Our people will weather these sacrifices
for the glory of ______.

Like the horse,
It’s named not for where it came from,
But what it broke. Filtered through walls of cheesecloth
To lose the way.
The product is distributed too evenly,
So we bribe it with berries,
Lobby mom for the crunch of granola,
And whisper honey into every spoon
When no one is looking.
In the end each bite is unique,
Each flavor distinctly American.