Monthly Archives: August 2014

You stand to the side askance
Tilt head to gawk at normal
Boys and girls, and wonder what it is
That blinds them. Your fist raised high
To shake at skies too bright
And minds too dull, is a punch
At the light you use to see. Your hair
Spikes like bolt strikes, like you need
To stand out, like you need us to know
You are your own you. You are.
Who needs proof but you?
You scream at the gloam like
Volume wakes the sun.
You mope in off-toned shades
Trying to hide in a mob of nodding heads,
But you can’t stand out
When all you stand for is
Different for different’s sake.


Tomorrow I am moving from Seattle to Boston, where I will begin my MFA in creative writing next week. Ironically this has made it difficult for me to write lately. I’ve been so busy trying to spend time with friends and enjoy the northwest before I go, that when it comes time to write I’m just plumb tuckered out. Pretty soon, however, I’ll be spending the majority of my time writing and reading poetry. Should be fun.

Because of this change in my life, the nature of this blog may change as well. I will still share poetry, but it will be far more selective. As an MFA student I want only work that has at least a veneer of polish to be available publicly. So far the poems here have been mostly rough drafts or older work from school, now I want to wait until it’s been workshopped. My weekly posts will have more to do with my life as a student and reflections upon the work I’m both producing and encountering. Hopefully this will give me a chance to step back from the work and get some perspective. We shall see. Thank you, handful of readers, for your support. I hope this change is positive for the blog as well as my life.

Sydney and Sarah are sisters. They walk up offering to smoke with the campers on the beach. Sydney has a Coors Light. Sarah’s name isn’t really Sarah. She is twenty-one and her sister is nineteen. They both want to meet new people during their visit to Washington state.

Carl knows everything about bicycles. Everything. He is also more than happy to share his knowledge with anyone interested. He carries his life on a trailer behind his bike. Carl loves cycling and other cyclists are a treat every time he meets one. Today he is riding north to the coast.

Majestic as fuck, sitting there watching us
From a tree. Stretching his wings and shit,
Lifting his neck up like some crazy-ass
Prairie-dog bird. I mean goddamn that eagle
Was something special. Bitch was doing yogalates
I think. Staying all limber in case some dumb
Fish got too close to the surface, then ‘shank!’
Straight out the sky like a fuckin’ ICBM.
I could watch this bastard all day. What’s that?
He’s lifting his ass toward us. Is he gonna fly?
Ahhhh no! Just shot shit in our general direction.
Stay classy, eagle. Stay goddamned classy.

When wolves howl
At the gates and light fast
Fades to gloam, fear not
The wild dark.
Wolves are wind
And the blackest night
Cannot douse a
Single candle in an empty room.
Make spark and
Seek a source for fuel.
It only takes two to
Warm the room,
So stay close.