Just Wake Up Already

Knock knock, outside

your window now.

Open your eyes, open the blinds,

knock knock. Is that your headache pounding out? Knock knock,

the cat pats, glaring down, a siren screaming loud,

a broken muffler rattles by, a wife yells, a dog barks at the clouds,

while a door slams down the hall.

Knock knock, it’s getting brighter now,

the day is happening, knock knock,

your pillow stiffening and blankets burning sweaty now,

knock knock, the fan spins, cars swish past, the world is whispering.

It’s way too bright outside. Too many snoozes now.

Your alarm is stuck in your head. It isn’t Saturday.

Knock Knock!


You’re looking down at the sky above. The clouds are winking

in the current. A face stares back you barely recognize:

clean chin, wild hair, scars yet to be drawn, memories

nothing but a distant dream. This kid is skinny

enough to be starving. His shorts drip wet but shoulders

shine with ruddy glow. Warm in the blanket of summer,

he leans over the lake, clenches fists, and leans back.

Not yet ready to plunge. A sparrow circles above.

He takes a breath, a step, and stops.

Knock knock, a tap on his shoulder, looks back

at John’s toothy grin, one quick shove.



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