Monthly Archives: May 2014

Each Spring day wept by,
Each rain in May,
though washed down drains,
stayed warm through grey.

Wet plops dropped to
land on seared meat, splash!
Each piece of beef sang
with grill-grease. We gnashed

and dripped in soaked
clothes. We sniffed charred air,
watched flame snatch juice from fresh-
cut flesh cooked quick, hot, and rare.


Everything crumbles, but
Should we let that stop us?
Should we assume that since
Rome lies in ruins
It should never have been built?
Let not the lasting beauty of crumbled marble
Fool you.
It’s a waste.
Each stone pulled leaves its own
Mark upon the world.
Each crumbled villa or
Road no longer walkable
Is a path from me to when
Cities were carried on our backs
Day by day by slave
With slaves for masters
Still slave to the city.

Now we pretend to revere the ancient
While thinking daily of
The inconvenience of past achievement.
Each Doric looks swell
Until you have to add a camera to it,
Every temple is sacred
But that doesn’t mean it’s wired,
Each piece of history is important
Enough to slow development
On a new subway system
To serve the still living.

Take your time.
Time is on your side. If you
time it just right.
One time or another.
Even if time marches on
and time waits for no man,
you’ll find the time.
time races ahead
or you blink and time passes.
Lost time is never found again.

There’s plenty of time.
Spend some time with me
but don’t waste time finding me.
Make time.
Time keeps on slipping, so
invest your time wisely.
Save time.

It takes time
and timing is everything,
but take time to stop
and smell the roses. E
njoy what little time you have.
It’s about time,
a time to every purpose under the heaven.

Time is of the essence,
but if you get there in the nick of time
it will be your time to shine.