Ignore the Noise

Forget all those dicks
who say you can’t do it.
Forget trying to win races
you never signed up for.
Forget beauty pageants.
Forget singing and dancing
to the whims of some Napoleonic
choreographer. Forget the stares.
Forget getting trapped on the Aurora bridge
with a stalled car and
forget two hundred angry faces
blaming you for a day
you wish you’d stayed in bed. Don’t
forget the guy who finally stopped
and gave you a jump.
Forget failed job interviews
and hours spent staring at the ceiling
not knowing and fearing you’d have to
move back in with mom. Forgive your mom.
Don’t dwell on each loose stone
and slippery hold between you and the top.
Forget about falling.

You got this. We’re behind you
and we can catch you, but
you don’t need us to. Forget about us.
Take a breath. Reach your hands high
and grasp that first hold.

PAD Challenge 18: Forget what I said


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