Too long spent in trees
leaves the people’s minds rotten;
leaves a home forgotten
and decrepit. The people stand in trees,
faceless above the freeze. They stare
at snow to see the ice unending. They glare
at what was once a home, with heads
lifted like giraffe, they see the dead
land where the sea receded. The maelstrom leaves
the home a rusty shell. The people refuse to leave
their trees. They are safe in
their trees. They remember when
the girl froze to the walls of their home.
She could not make it to the trees, so they left her alone
to swim forever in shadow on their walls.
Her memory recalls
a time when home was home, before
grass grew in to carpet a rotten floor,
before the swallowing sea swept in and they were
forced to leave for trees to see above the sea. Sure,
the ice has long since thawed and the swallowing sea
receded. Sure, they know that they must seek
the mountain seen above the trees, but
the people refuse to leave their trees. What-
ever waits beyond the sea below the trees
requires belief, and the people refuse
to believe. How can they choose
to leave behind the safety of their skeletal leafless trees?

POD Challenge 11: ekphrastic poem, based on these images: http://www.writersdigest.com/whats-new/2013-november-pad-chapbook-challenge-day-11


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