Mug Shot

Fill me. Give me some sugar, baby.
Let me taste your milk. Oh, watch me steam
while you wait for me to be touchable. Don’t tease
too long or I’ll cool. You know you want me; you
chose me to be your vessel. Oh,
hold me close, wrap your hands around
and let me warm you. Kiss my rim with timid lips,
afraid that I may burn you.
Let me burn you. Let our first kiss linger
long after the fire in your fingers
fades and you have left my stained self
until you clean me. Let me wait behind the door
until the next tomorrow. Every morning we share
I am whole for you. Smoke while I steam
and stare over me to the sunrise.
Let me wake you with kisses
as you drain me. Let me take
what you’ve given
and pour myself into you.
Let me fill you.

PAD Challenge 8: write from the perspective of an inanimate object


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