The Los Angeles Aqueduct

Celebrates 100 years of blooming the desert city
since its first thirsty sip from the Owens River. Now
Los Angeles drinks the spirits of star-struck actresses
and screenwriters fanning fame. Drawn desperately
from the desert of America, they seek fortunes
from Hollywood’s Garden of Eden. It is 2013,
and you are drinking from Los Angeles. But
The thirst of Los Angeles cannot be sated
till it blossoms forever like a rose amidst
the Dust Bowl dug in barren channels around it.
The lake bed dries as the thirsty desert moves
from city to valley; from irrigation for food
by natives and farmers, to the biggest
dust factory in a filthy nation. But
Los Angeles is not concerned
with particulate matter
or the particulars of
its water wars.
Los Angeles
grows ever
outward from
once dry Los Angeles,
as Hollywood drinks talent.

PAD Challenge 2: News of the Day


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