Haiku and Characters from Ross Lake

(Playing around with rhyming haiku (Rhaiku?) for fun and challenges!)

Value wings swift-flown
and dappled things like Hopkins
from God’s heart intoned.

On Ross Lake’s green shores
Nathan holds his wizard staff –
leaves work to others.

A butterfly lands
to stare at Dave’s bushy beard
while perched on his hand.

Ninety minutes down
the lake, cutting through white caps
to bring Kyle around.

They portaged their boat
down a steep mile of hiking
trail, now it won’t float.

Black kestrel swoops from
sky to circle us around,
hoping to catch some
fish. We watch as words
from poems – just read aloud –
stir into real birds.

Bonus: Double Dactyl!
(Inspired by camping in the shadow of Desolation Peak where Kerouac spent the Summer of 1956 watching for wildfires. Next time we will hike the trail to the lookout.)

Jiggery Pokery
Writer Jack Kerouac
Camped as a fire lookout
Feeling distraught;

Sixty-three days of this
Sitting in solitude
Taught him the plot.


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